Teaching Assistant Level 2 (Assignment 3)

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Level 2 Teaching Assistant Certificate - Assignment Three

Unit 3 Supporting the Curriculum


Using subject headings together with a brief summary of the subject, describe the range and main provisions of the relevant National curriculum in the school where you are employed.

Creative Development:

This Area of Learning relates to the development of children’s individual ways of developing and representing their notions and emotions in an imaginative way through assorted mediums and various forms of self-expression.

Children explore as wide a range of stimulus as it is possible to provide given the resources available. They take part in art, craft, design, music, dance, theatre and movement activities. They have the opportunity to role play; to compose music or poetry; to develop their creative writing skills. They are encouraged to experiment with artistic mediums and represent their own feelings through their creativity, developing an ability to communicate and express their individual creative ideas while also demonstrating an empathy with others. They are also encouraged to reflect upon their own work.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

This subject builds upon children’s knowledge and understanding of the world around them by developing different aspects of play, activities and experimental learning processes that stimulate their senses; encourage investigation into subjects or activities that spark an interest. The children are encouraged to ask questions about their surroundings; explore their environment and undertake studies that will help them to develop an interest in and awareness of the ideals, beliefs, views and opinions of others.

Through the use of experiential learning, starting with a familiar present or past experience (see: ‘spiral curriculum,’ as advocated by American psychologist Jerome Bruner (Smith, Mark k. 2002)), curious and exploratory play techniques are fostered and the children are encouraged to develop reflective skills so that they can revisit and draw upon their own individual experiences.

Language, Literacy and Communication Skills

Children are encouraged to engage in discussions that develop their thinking understanding and range of vocabulary. They become involved in speaking and listening activities throughout the foundation stage and are encouraged to ask for information with regard to anything that they do not understand. There are activities that involve words, rhymes, songs and stories where children join in.

Early literacy is encouraged while consideration is given to the fact that, for all children, ‘learning to read’ is a unique personal experience as such should not be rushed. Ysgol Dolafon believes that reading should also be fun! Children are allowed ample opportunity to freely access books and quiet areas are provided. The following list contains just a few examples of techniques that have been implemented and proven to help with early literacy:

1. Using children’s own books in class.

2. Using audio tapes in conjunction with books to help children follow a story.

3. Pointing out words and linking them to the relevant items, people or places in the picture.

4. Using role play, or props to act out familiar stories.

5. Reading stories and rhymes out in a fun and imaginative way.

6. Consistently pointing to the top left-hand as your starting point and indication the left to right orientation through-out the reading of a story.

Reading is promoted as a pleasurable activity and allowing children to read books that bear a particular relevance to their own interests is often considered to be more useful than strict adherence to a commercial reading scheme.

Children at Ysgol Dolafon are continuously provided with the opportunity to make pre-cursor writing marks an early age and and a great deal of effort is put into encouraging the children to...
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