Elementary Education

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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Elementary Education: Shaping the Minds of the Future

Kayla Lovell

Composition II
Ms. Reed
22 January 2012

Thesis: Elementary teachers may not have highest income, but they have one of the most fulfilling careers. Introduction: When thinking back to elementary school, what most people remember the best, are the teachers they had along the way. Elementary teachers not only introduce their students to the basic concepts of core subjects, they also help pave the path to each student’s future success. While the income may not be the highest available, watching students develop a new skill or grow an appreciation for learning can be very rewarding. I. What is the role of an elementary school teacher?

a. Elementary teachers play an important part in not only the intellectual development but also the social development of their students. What students learn at a young age can affect the way they see themselves, others, and the world later in life. b. Elementary teachers have the responsibility of introducing their students to the core subjects of mathematics, language, science, and social studies. II. Education, Training, and Certification

c. The normal route to becoming a teacher involves receiving a bachelor’s degree from a teacher education program, then obtaining a license. Teachers in private schools are not required to be licensed. d. Each state honors its own individual certifications. However, The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards offers a voluntary national certification, which is also honored by each state. Having a National Boards certification usually results in a higher income. III. Salary and Employment

e. Teaching salaries vary by state, experience level, and location. f. Elementary teachers hold about 1.5 million jobs. Employment is projected to grow about as fast as average, increasing 7-13% from 2008 to 2018.

Elementary Education: Shaping the Minds of the...