Windshield Survey

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Windshield Survey of Abbeville, Louisiana
It was a typical hot, humid day in my community in the town of Abbeville, Louisiana, Thursday, July 5, 2012. The afternoon was spent driving around, and then sitting in my car observing areas and jotting down observations in the community that surrounds my home. My town is considered a suburb of the greater Lafayette Metropolitan. The 2010 census revealed a population of 7,669 for the town of Abbeville. There are three areas that were found to be most in need, they are in order of importance: public safety, education and senior care. (1) Public Safety

All statistics are reported per 100,000 of population for the year of 2011. There were no murders, auto thefts nor reports of arson during the year of 2011. However, 5 rapes, 1 robbery, 14 assaults, 127 burglaries, and 315 thefts were reported. This places the town of Abbeville in the higher crime index when comparing our over-all score of 333.1 to that of the United States which is 300.6. (2) Education

The town of Abbeville has two public and one charter schools. They are primary and secondary education sources. The student body has a total of 954 students which is 62% more than the average for all Louisiana schools. The student dropout rate is 6.8% with a graduation rate of 67.3%.

The faculty has 60 full-time teachers, which is moderately more than the average for all Louisiana schools. The student to teacher ratio is 16.2:1, which is 6.6% higher than the average for all Louisiana schools. The teachers have mostly a Bachelor’s degree with 75% having greater than five years of teaching experience. There are a rising number of teachers having a Master’s or Doctorate degree with one to five years of teaching experience. A public library sits at the corner of Ambassador and Erras-Landry. The library is a part of the larger service offered by the Lafayette Parish Consolidated Government’s Public Library System. The...
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