Elektra Case

Topics: Problem solving, Management Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: October 6, 2011
Elektra Products, Inc.

Statement of the relevant facts
Barbara Russell is a new CEO. She still has to earn the respect of her subordinates. Changes in the company has to be made. The company experienced many problems in the previous years. As stated in the case the problems are: Declining market share

Increased foreign and domestic competition
Few new product ideas
Rare coordination between the sales and manufacturing department Low morale
Employees are seeking other jobs
C.Many employees do not believe that Barbara could implement change in the company. D.During a crucial meeting about the changes that the company would implement, Martin Griffin, who had been hired to revive the failing company, had to excuse himself because of a deal. This showed insincerity on his part. E.The department heads formed a wall of resistance against the changes that Martin Griffin proposed.

How can Barbara Russell effectively lead Elektra Products, Inc.’s empowerment campaign considering that the company is faced with hosts of problems from previous years and top management is resistant to change?

The objective of the case is to know how would a newly appointed CEO effectively manage a company considering that its top management is resistant to change and that the company is facing a host of problems from previous years.

Analysis of the facts

Barbara Russell is a newly appointed CEO of Elektra Products, Inc. She still needs to earn the respect of her colleagues. Coming from the manufacturing side of the business, many would think that she does not have a holistic approach towards the problems that the company is facing.

A major issue in this case is the skepticism that employees showed upon the presentation of the changes that Russell’s team wants to implement. The reason may be the low morale of the employees. Another reason may be the poor communication of the plans...
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