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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Date of Submission: April 07, 2013

Case Study: Electrolux
Electrolux is an organization from Sweden, which is currently the largest producer of domestic and professional appliances for the kitchen, cleaning and outdoor use. This company has expanding their business in different countries of world like Germany, UK, France, USA, Australia and India etc. To reach this level of success, the organization is being leading by some of tremendous leader of corporate world from day to day. Currently this trend is in the hand of the company CEO Hans Straberg and he is following his previous leader very efficiently.

Maintain the Sustainable profitability and the growth of the firm Mission
To be the world leader in profitably marketing innovative product and service solutions to real problems, thereby making the personal and professional lives of our customers easier and more enjoyable. Goal

* Cost leadership
* World’s no. 1 in customer choice
* World’s no. 1 in the minds of their prospects
* World’s no. 1 innovator in appliances industry
* Cost efficient and profitable
* Proper understanding of the consumers
* Make the brand as a sign of quality, dependability to ensure when invest in new appliances * Innovate products and services which people wants to buy Strategic Capabilities
* Attract, develop and retain the top level management
* Establishing eco-design of each products
* Workplace code of conduct, which ensure the responsible employer and a corporate citizen

* Driving performance throughout the entire organization
* Innovation and marketing- to products and brands
* Superior talent management
* “The Electrolux way of doing things”
Business model
Electrolux Business model could be described with operations system. Their whole operations were organized into Seven Business Sectors and Five Supporting Group Staff Units, by which they are maintaining total of their 28...
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