Electrolux: a Case Study

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  • Published : May 19, 2012
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1.What is customer insight?What are some ways in which Electrolux develops consumer insight?

Customer insight is fresh understanding of customers and the marketplace derived from marketing information that becomes the basis for creating customer value and relationship. (Armstrong &Kotler, MKT 101-Foundation of Marketing, page 129).

Electrolux develops its consumer insight in some ways. Firstly,Electrolux provides every kind of products that is focused on the needs of the specific person or specific consumer segment. The essence of the Electrolux brand is about developing solutions for customer to problems that the customers have. For example, Electrolux creates the first Ovens which use 60% less energy than comparable product. (See answers number 3 for more of their great products). They make innovation of making sophisticated products with eco-friendly nature. In addition, Electrolux has members of staffs who go in and sit at dinner with the consumers for the dinner parties and watch what their problems are. Electrolux has people who have been literally in people’s home for a period of time and understanding how those families interacts with the appliances. Therefore, they will know that what the specific consumers’ problem and what kind of products that they should create to gain Customer Insight and Satisfactions. They also change the way of people thinking that kitchen and home appliances are just a practical place into an emotional place. It is proven by the vanishing of the walls between the kitchen, dining room, and living room in Most American house today. In fact, most of the home appliance markets aresaturated; the consumers are looking for more sophisticated appliances, better design appliances. Therefore, these becomethe background and mission for Electrolux to develop new concepts and sophisticated products that can be distributed to the every target consumers. (Electrolux Course Content Video).

2.Describe how Electrolux might go about...
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