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International Marketing Communication
Electrolux: trying to establish a global brand identity
1. Electrolux is aware of their Scandinavian heritage and values but at the same time they try to adapt to the different lifestyles around the world. The users/consumers are in focus, so Electrolux try to implement an outside-in perspective. 2. People (consumers) in different regions have different lifestyles and they use the Electrolux products in different ways. Electrolux’s product development and design has to reflect these differences. 3. - A Electrolux compact oven for the Swedish market could not be sold in United States. Why not? Because it is impossible to get an American Thanksgiving turkey into it. - Also the shopping habits in USA and Europe are different: In USA consumers buy larger packages of frozen food, which means that an American Electrolux freezer should be bigger than a standard European one. - In China, you need much more space for eggs in the refrigerator because a typical Chinese family buys 60 to 70 eggs per week. 4. The aim of the corporate website (www.electrolux.com) is to create general awareness and knowledge about the company (financial reports etc.) and the products. Potential customers cannot buy Electrolux products directly on this website but have to contact their local retailers – some of these retailers might then have a web shop. Crowd sourcing

In China people buy 60-70 eggs per time they go to a store, so these refrigerators need to be adapted to these habits. We just buy a box of 6-10 eggs a time, so we don’t need such a big storing facility as the Chinese do.
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