Elaborate on the Functions of Ferula, Nana, the Count, and Esteban Garcia, Using a Compare and Contrast Format.

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  • Published : November 7, 2007
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Journal 5:

Elaborate on the functions of Ferula, Nana, the Count, and Esteban Garcia, using a compare and contrast format.

The characters Ferula, Nana, the Count, and Esteban Garcia, in the novel The House of the Spirits all have similar functions throughout the novel but they express them in different ways. Ferula and Nana are more alike because they have motherly skills and they like to care for others, while the Count and Esteban Garcia are distinctly more similar than the other because of the male chauvinist attitudes and the need to always have what they want.

Ferula was Esteban Trueba's sister, she had spent her life caring for their sick mother. Then after her mother died she became very sick and bitter towards a lot of things because she is used to caring for someone else. After Esteban finds out about their mother passed away her took Ferula into Clara and his home. There she took over most of the maternal duties, cooking, cleaning, and giving advice. Over time Clara and her became very close, which formed an unknown bond between them. Ferula became obsessed with Clara to the point that Esteban kicks her out of the house for being to close to his wife. Ferula gave off the vibe that she wanted more in life than what it was giving her but she didn't want it for herself, she liked not having much, which explains why she didn't accept the money that Esteban sent to her after he kicked her out. Ferula relied on helping others to keep her going.

Nana was an Indian caretaker for the del Valle family in the beginning of the novel then became a caretaker at the Trueba's house. Nana was a motherly figure to Rosa and Clara and even Severo del Valle after Rosa's death. She was an important member of the del Valle family, but she has somewhat of an unseen obsession with caring for others but not caring for herself. She thrived off of others happiness and others grief and sorrows, because she was able to talk to them and comfort them in her...
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