Acheivements of the Mayans

Topics: Maya civilization, Guatemala, Mayan languages Pages: 5 (1659 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Plan of Investigation

The research paper will be on the achievements of the Mayans. The research question developed for this paper is “How did Mayan achievements lead to the development of the empire? This paper will be focusing on how the achievements of the Mayans led to the development of their civilization. This will not look into the fall of the Mayan empire but will look into where the Mayans came from and the beginning of the Mayan empire. All sources in this paper are secondary sources. The paper had chosen its sources by evaluating their information on how much they explained on Mayan achievements. Some of the paper’s sources also talked about the locations of the Mayan empire. Some main ideas of the paper would be Mexico which is where the Mayan civilization was and will be covering major achievements like the three hundred and sixty five day solar calendar and the Mayan language which consisted of hieroglyphics.

Summary of Evidence
The Mayan civilization is a very complex civilization, established in the Pre-classic period (2000 BC – 250 AD). Mayans were very artistic and achieved many artistic achievements. "Classic Maya art spanned the centuries from the time of Christ until about 1000, and had its home in central Yucatán, bounded on the south by the Guatemalan highlands and on the north by a flat and dry limestone plain."Mayan ceramics were used as currency, tableware, and offerings to the dead. Pottery was also decorated with rituals, myths, and hieroglyphs. With Mayan artistic abilities they developed a writing system. The Mayans had scribes who were trained at their writing system. Scribes usually had many pens in their hair dress. The writing system was so hard to learn not every class knew it. "On the other hand, the Classic Maya had a system of written hieroglyphic script, largely syllabic in nature, which, although once considered astronomical or religious in content, is now considered primarily dynastic and political." The language of Ancient Maya was written and was complex. The writing was containing pictures. The language was so sophisticated that only few members of the higher class were able to read it. The writing was commonly carved into stone. Other than art Ancient Maya had achievements in mathematics and science. Mayans were interested Zenial Passages unlike western astronomers. Mayan astronomers also were able to predict lunar eclipses with their lunar knowledge. The Mayans had 2 different calendar years, 360 day year and a formal year of 365 days. The Mayan calendar kept running ahead of the true year. The Mayans did not have leap year and would not implement it because it would ruin their day count. Mayans used math in their math in their art especially geometry. Mayans used geometry when making art in architecture. A common type of art on their structures was mosaics usually being ethnical. Mayans mainly used art on their temples or other religious structures. Mayans also developed a math system. The Mayans had a numerical system. It used 0 as a place holder. The numeric system was a base 20 system.

Daniel Lukach
Evaluation of Source
Maya by the Columbia University Press is an article published in 2009. It was published by the Columbia University Press. This article was created by many authors and was compiled by the Columbia University Press. The publisher and author are credible as they published and created more books. The publisher and author are run by Columbia University. All outside sources used in the article were stated in a bibliography. This article was written for people who wanted to know about the Maya. The article seeks to address the question, “What is Maya?” There is no thesis but the author is trying to explain anything around the Mayan people. There is many values and limitations in this article. A value in this article is that the author goes in-depth about the Mayans. This publication is also not out dated. This publication or...
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