Mayan Civilization

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The collapse of the Maya civilization was a result of environmental factors which

eventually led to warfare as a way of coming up with solutions to avoid the inevitable

collapse of this civilization.

Environmental factors like over population, agricultural scarcities, disease, natural

disasters, were the major factors for the collapse of the Maya civilization. Judging from

archeological evidence from the lost chronicles of the Maya kings, by David Drew (university

of California press, 1999). David focuses on the bones of the Maya people throughout the

region in sites such as Tikal, Lamilpa, and Altar de sacrificios, with similar stories of an

unhealthy and stressed population, shrunk skeletons, decrease in life expectancy of children

which had not occurred in earlier societies of the Maya. The fact that similar patterns of

deterioration was found in more than one area shows a pattern that spread all across the maya

region. According to David, the Maya's view of their universe saw a ruler as having divine

powers. Also in the text from Warfare in Ancient Mesoamerica by Payson D Sheets (AltaMira

press, 2003) who argues that the collapse of the Maya civilization was a result of military

expansion agrees with the view point that the rulers divine powers could influence the gods by

by bloodletting sacrifices, essential for the proper functioning of the Maya society. Sacrifices in

various forms like food and drink, human sacrifice in the form of captives needed to appease

the gods for the purpose...
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