American History Unit 1&2 Exam Review

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American History Exam Review
Unit 1&2

1. Name the empires that were located in America before the arrival of Europeans.

The Inca, the Olmec, the Maya, the Aztec, the Moundbuilders, the Iroquois, the Five Civilized Tribes.

2. Name where each tribe was located ( North or South America) and one accomplishment for each of the empires. 3. What was a joint stock company?

A joint stock company was when people bought shares in companies that were hoping to explore the New World.

4. What were the new inventions that made exploration easier? (3 items)

The new inventions that made exploration easier were advances in cartography, navigation, and shipbuilding.

5. Who were Vasco da Gama and Prince Henry of Portugal? Why are they important?

They were Portuguese explores during the Age of Exploration. Prince Henry sponsaved expeditions and Vasco found trade route to India

6. Who was Christopher Columbus and why is he so important to American history?

Christopher Columbus was the first European to “discover” America. He paved the way for other Europeans to venture to North America.

7. What were the names of Columbus’ three ships?

The Santa Maria, the Niña, and the La Pinta

8. Know the following terms: Conquistadors, Cores and Monctezuma, Incan Empire, Fountain of Youth, Spanish Armada

Conquistadors- Soldiers/explorers/ adventurers at the service of the Spanish Empire. Cortes and Monctezuma- Cortes visited Monctezuma, thought he was a God, he conquered Monctezuma. Incan Empire- Largest empire in pre-Columbian America.

Fountain of Youth- legendary spring that hypothetically vestors youth of anyone who drinks its waters. Spanish Armada- Spain’s HUGE army fleat that sailed against England in attempt to claim North America.

9. Know your map of the original 13 colonies
1. Massachusetts
2. New Hampshire
3. Connecticut
4. Rhode Island
5. New York
6. Pennsylvania
7. New Jersey
8. Maryland
9. Delaware
10. Virginia
11. North Carolina
12. South Carolina
13. Georgia

10. What as an indentured servant?

A indentured servant was someone who travelled from Africa/Caribbean to America and paid off sail voyage by working on colonists farms or plantations.

11. What was the economic base of the Southern Colonies? What was the economic base of the Northern colonies?

Southern: Cotton, Tobacco, Algerian Society
Northern: Shipbuilding, Manufacturing

12. Why did slavery become more prevalent in the South as opposed to the North?

Slavery became more prevalent in the South because there was a greater need for them on Southern plantations as opposed to in the North where people mainly worked in factories.

13. How were slaves originally treated in the colonies? ( North v. South)

North: like people who happened to not be white
South: not as good as the North, not as tad as it will come to be

14. Although the British introduced laws such as the Molasses Act of 1733, why did the colonists never really protest?

They didn’t protest because they a) didn’t know they could b) they weren’t organized enough to.

15. Who was George Grenville? How did he change life in the colonies?

George Grenville was a Prime Minister of England who enacted the Stamp Act, one of the Townshed Acts, which led to the colonists questioning their loyalty to the throne.

16. What was a Writ of Assistance?

A writ of assistance is a court order requiring specific action.

17. Who were the Sons and Daughters of Freedom? What did they do?

The Sons and Daughters of Freedom was a group of colonists who carried out organized resistance and kept watch of shopkeepers who sold British goods.

18. What were the events leading up to the Boston Massacre? Was it truly a massacre? Why or why not?

The events leading up to the Boston Massacre were the...
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