Eight Ways to Reduce Stress

Topics: Goal, Personal life, Target market Pages: 4 (1763 words) Published: October 17, 2011
Easy Steps to Reduce Stress in a Speedy World

No one can live without experiencing some extent of stress all the time. Regardless of whom you are, where you live or what you are doing, you’ll go through stress – that is just a fact of life. It isn't going away. We need to learn to live with it - and get the upper hand. Or it will take its toll on our health. We all distinguish things in a different way; some people are more pessimistic while others see the positive light to things. Why do some of us flourish on stress and some of us collapse? It's in our perspective about stress. Instead of fearing or fighting problems, we do better when we choose to rise to the challenges. Being an optimist helps you function at your highest point as it compromises your 'fight or flight response' and gives you additional physical and emotional resources when you or someone you care about is in trouble. Although this varies from person to person, negative stress is simply stress that we recognize as 'bad'. When it begins to affect our health and mental outlook, stress becomes bad and over time it leads to strokes, fatigue, hair loss, immune disorders, heart problems, and more. Today, in our frantic society, negative stress is epidemic. “I remember the months after I finished university and started a new job in a fast food restaurant.” says Melissa Lee, a recent graduate. “It was not the job I wanted to begin with but had applied to the areas I did want and not succeeded in getting a job. The pressure of no money got the better of me. But once I started the job, I was in dire need of stress relief!” she asserts. “Before entering the building each day I had to boost myself up. My job was to scrub the dirty toilet floors and assist at the tills now and then. My boss wasn’t the kindest man in the world so I had a lot of tension on my shoulders.” Studies shown that stress resilience is a life skill we can learn over time, not one we know at birth. Certain individuals have many...
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