Stress Management Action Plan

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Stress Management Action Plan - The Four Things You Can Learn in Order to Control Your Stress Some years ago I was faced with some very challenging financial situations. The extent of my challenge was such that I was incapacitated with stress. For those of you in this state you will know what I mean. I had the constant tightening of the stomach that very frequently turned to churning in response to many simple events that occurred in my day to day life. This was exasperated by my inability to breathe properly which in turn made me feel worse and resulted in me experiencing hot sweats. Sleeping became a literal nightmare. What little sleep I did managed to get was laden with dreams brought on by the feeling of impending doom. Of course, little and disturbed sleep causes tiredness during the day and resulted in my under performing in any thing I tried to do. Sometimes I was so low I thought it is all not worth the effort. As things got worse, and compounded, I began to physically shake at times and my body felt like it had become weighted down. At this point things got even worse when my relationship with my girlfriend was badly affected by all the stress and we agreed to part. I took on all the debts and I began to think everything was really too much. I thought I was in so deep that I would never be able to get out of it both financially and emotionally. Then I had a lucky break. Someone introduced me to the world of self improvement. Before all of this I always deemed myself as more of a positive thinker than a negative one, so I took to the self improvement ideas pretty quickly. I sought out different materials on the subjects and read in the order that I felt would be most beneficial to me. Below are the four major things I needed to learn to overcome my stress and start getting things done. The first thing I had to learn was to live life in day tight compartments. In short, the only thing that matters at any point in time is NOW. There is no point worrying...
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