Egyptian Sense of Humor

Topics: Comedy, Humor, Humour Pages: 4 (1589 words) Published: April 17, 2008
Have you ever wondered what you really mean when you tell anyone that you are an Egyptian? I am Egyptian, but what does that mean? In other words, what does being an "Egyptian" mean other than having Egyptian hereditary and roots? There is definitely an answer to that question, yet it all varies from one person to another; how they see the definition of "Egyptians." However, there is one thing that is basic in almost all people's definitions; something that is quite recognizable: it is undeniable that one thing that separates Egyptians from all other races and places them on a somehow special place is their sense of humor.

Famous director Woody Allen has once claimed that "being funny is not anyone's first choice," and this perfectly explains that any conscious attempt of being funny is not really "humorous." Humor is like a gift from God, you're either born with it or without it. It's not something that you learn by time, or try to imitate for example. A lot of surveys have proved that Egyptians are the most with this blessed gift. If we consider talking about one of the main areas that Egyptians have excelled in; Egyptian cinema, we will have a humbly good witness to the Egyptian sense of humor. Comedy is one of the main genres that base the history of Egyptian cinema. Egyptian actors like Ismail Yassine, Hassan Fayeq, Abdel Moneim Ibraheem, Adel Emam, Zeinat Sedky, Marie Moneib, Mahmoud Shoukoukou, Muhammad Hneidy, Ahmed Helmy, Ahmed Mekky, and a lot others; they are hardly countable. What is important to notice is that with all the changes that Egyptian Cinema has gone through, "comedy" remains permanent till our present day. Egyptian audience seeks movies that will make them "laugh," something that is part and parcel of their everyday lives. Interestingly, in modern Egyptian movies of any genre, comedy has been found to play an essential role that aims at what we call a "comic relief." This means we can watch a completely tragic movie...
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