The Egyptian and Chinese Culture

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  • Published : June 19, 2008
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The Egyptian and Chinese Culture
The cultures of China and Egypt are similar in a way that both have old traditional cultures and now the modern culture. China is an ancient country, with thousands of years of history which leaves a rich foundation for their culture. Any attempt to describe the Chinese people can be very difficult and a challenging task. The Chinese culture has come a long way from gender preference to overcoming a feudal society. It seems the Egyptian people are still in a mode of deciding which culture to side with. The Chinese along with the Egyptians are very diverse in their country of origins; there is still much to be said about how diverse and changing both cultures are. Gender preference in China is deeply rooted as China was, and is still today, a feudal society (male orientated and male centered). So much that daughter discrimination is a reason for alarm. Croll (2000) states “daughter discrimination is actually on the increase despite rising economic development, declining fertility and generally improved status of women” (p. 2). The customary preference for sons is again deeply rooted in the structure of society. Sons enjoy large amounts of social prestige and are needed to carry out farm work, offer financial support to aging parents and continue the family name. Due to the national policy of limiting families to one child, couples started opting for sex selective abortions. Families feel that if they are allowed only one child then they should be allowed to at least have a boy. In feudal society, a marriage would be decided not by a young couple’s love but by their parents’ desires. “Marriage was for continuing the ancestral line and creating alliances between families; too important a duty to be left in the rash hands of the young (”). Only after parental consideration of the two families and their conditions would marriage procedures go forward. Of course, the conditions most taken into...
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