Effects of Technology in Our Environment

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Western culture Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: November 22, 2010
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[pic]Effects Of Modern Technology

In modern society, technology has brought us amazing surprises everyday. Someone claims that modern technology is creating a single world culture. I completely disagree with this statement. I will list some of my reasons here.

Firstly, I believe that modern technology has improved multi-culturalism and the communication between cultures. With modern communication technology such as TVs and phones, we can see what people at the other end of the world is doing, and with a modern airplane, we can travel to every corner of the world. This will greatly help us understand the cultural diversity of this world, and we will learn to appreciate the cultural difference of people from different part of the earth.

Secondly, modern technology increases the communication between cultures. Eastern people can learn good virtual from western culture such as politeness and self-cultivation; and western Is this Essay helpful? Join OPPapers to read more and access more than 200,000 just like it! Get better grades

people can also learn a great deal of good virtual from eastern culture such as modesty and filial pity of one’s parents. By communication, one culture can learn from other culture and evolve.

Thirdly, modern technology helps us to preserve our cultural relics and world treasures, and discover our culture in the past. We can also explore and discover more about our past, and have a better understanding of now and the future. For instance, Xi’an is famous for its figures of warriors and horses buried in the emperor’s tombs. In the modern world, we explore some of these tombs so that we would understand the remote and longstanding culture of Qin Dynasty in China’s history.

Indeed, modern...
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