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  • Published : September 20, 2012
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Alex Morales
Eng. 095
Ms. Stone

Technology plays a major role in most people’s lives, its everywhere for people to interact with and view freely. In American culture levels of violence, methods for communicating and perspective of females are influenced by technology. First, technology has influenced levels of violence for example in creating products such as video games. A majority of today’s games have guns and some sort of killing. When there is action involved, there is usually a lot of profane language used as well. These games are a breeding ground for violence in the lives of younger children. The sad part about it all is that producers target audience is children, whose minds act like a sponge and absorb all this negative activity. Movies are another source of violence in technology. People are constantly demanding more and more out of movie producers. So to satisfy the needs, producers add more violence and sex to their productions. Similar to video games, these producers target younger children with drug usage and overwhelming action scenes. In doing so, this is giving children the wrong message at a very young age Second, technology has influenced the way in which people communicate to one another. Most popular is the invention of the cell phone and its ability to contact other people across the world. Cellphones are a lot faster than the phones people used to use. They are also more convenient and people can carry them practically wherever they go. Most important, a person can contact 911 in case and emergency instead of having to run to the nearest phone. In addition, the invention of the internet has opened the world up to a variety of new technology. The internet for example has hurt the mail service greatly. Now individuals can email information to someone across the world without having to pay to send it through the post service. The internet has also given people the gateway to...
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