Losing Common Sense in a Sea of Technology

Topics: Computer, Internet, History of the Internet Pages: 4 (1116 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Cary Ingram
English Composition 101
9 May, 2012
Losing Common Sense in A Sea of Technology
Technology, it is what defines a nation. Societies are ever changing with the incorporation of upgraded devices that make lives run faster, more efficient, and more dependent on the systems that man has created. Technology has impacted lives by making modern medicine obtainable and statistical information readable. Technology has made education possible in every person’s home that has access to a computer and the internet. Technology has predicted natural disasters, brought loved ones home, and has even done the grocery shopping. Technology has made miracles take place. Technology is an asset to our society. Things we could not do with our anatomical brains we can conjure up with a machine. With the answers to simple questions at fingertips with the availability of the internet, simple thought processes replaced with instant gratification. Critical thinking is almost extinct due to rapid response internet websites and databases. In today’s society, we depend on computers and technology to dictate schedules, lead meetings, and manage social lives. Therefore, ruing personal bonds, destroying critical and creative thinking, and losing common sense. The introduction of technology and computers on society has been beneficial in many areas, science having the biggest impact. For example, new radar technology will allow forecasters to see extreme weather, as will potential improvements to satellite technology, as well as computer models that run on powerful super computers. With these radars improved, more lives saved. “This will allow us to get to cover faster and be better prepared” (Lubchenco, Hayes 68). Another example of how technology has been beneficial to our society is in the medical field. Today many surgeries perform with the help of robots. Robotically assisted cardiac surgery presents less invasive than conventional surgery, with shortened hospital...
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