Effects of Technological Advances

Topics: Mass media, Internet, Journalism Pages: 3 (806 words) Published: August 3, 2008
From the time printed publications were the dominant medium to the modern era where the internet has emerged as the dominant medium the field of journalism has experienced colossal growth, development, and evolvement. The changes caused by the gradual introduction of new and more efficient mediums consistently affected journalism and the way journalists delivered content to the public.

Prior to the concept of broadcasting, newspapers were the primary means of communication in society. Initially newspapers were a means of spreading news, usually on a local or regional level. In the times of the Civil War newspapers were used to spread news through out connected areas, in that time being the North and the South. The invention of the Penny Press and new and more cost efficient methods of creating paper allowed readership to expand by providing a means of reasonable costs for the newspapers. Newspapers experienced a significant expansion in content with the introduction of journalism. Different journalist produced unique content often personalized with opinion concerning captivating subjects highly appealing to the public at the time. Journalists often published relevant content to the time and essentially provided a voice for many people who could not be heard which encouraged the public to engage. Journalism was developed further with the introduction of advances in technology and in society which introduced such aspects to journalism as investigative journalism and photojournalism, as well as the invention of the typewriter.

The introduction of investigative journalism had a tremendous impact on society. Journalists independently investigated many things of public interest, often in defense of the middle or lower class citizens who were considered “the little people”. Through investigative journalism many journalists gained fame and notoriety with the public for their work in exposing atrocities and other cover ups and scandalous information. The cost...
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