Effective Communication and Collaboration Strategy for Groups with Different Learning Styles

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Effective Communication and Collaboration Strategy for Groups with Different Learning Styles and Personality Types What makes this world so unique is that there are not two people the same. That makes for many different learning styles and personality types. I will cover a few examples of each and how they are beneficial in helping a group communicate and collaborate effectively. Being aware of different learning styles and personality types can be very beneficial to help communicate and collaborate effectively with different people. Everyone learns best in different ways, so one has to evaluate the learning styles of everyone in their group. In doing that, your group will benefit the most because one individual’s strengths will help cancel out another individual’s weaknesses. That will improve the quality of the groups’ work. I believe an individual’s personality type is directly related to their learning style. When meeting a person for the first time, whether you know it or not, you are trying to figure out what personality type they are. If everyone in you group knows the others’ personality types, you will know different areas that group members would contribute best in. I will cover three learning styles and personality types and explain how to communicate effectively and collaborate within a group of individuals. Learning Styles Communication and Collaboration

Many learning styles exist, but the three that I will cover in this paper are verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, and interpersonal. Verbal-linguistic learners are good at analyzing data whether it is read, heard, seen, or spoken. A person with this type of learning style would be suited best to gather material and initiate a group discussion. They will be best at analyzing all the data and distributing it in a way that works best for everyone. This type of person will be very good with words and word meaning. He or she will be able to explain it to someone in terms that they...
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