Effective Communication and Collaboration in a Group Setting

Topics: Personality type, Problem solving, Personality psychology Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: February 27, 2011
In the textbook, Keys to college studying: Becoming an active thinker by Carter, Bishop and Kravits; there are many learning styles and personality types discussed in regard to communication and collaboration within a group. This paper will examine three learning styles and three personality types and how they can make group collaboration and communication work effectively. Within a group of people, there are many different learning styles that people in a group may have. The books describes six of them, they are Verbal-Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Verbal-Spatial, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Musical, and Naturalistic (Carter, 2007, p. 39). There are three that stand out to make a group successful in communication and collaboration. They are Intrapersonal, which is the ability to understand one’s own behavior and feelings, Logical-Mathematical, which is the ability to understand logical reasoning and problem solving, and Verbal-Linguistic, which is the ability to communicate through language (Carter, 2007, p. 39). A person with an Intrapersonal learning style is good at cooperating in a group, seeing things from others perspectives and communication verbally and nonverbally (Carter, 2007, p. 43). This person will be great at keeping the group at peace with one another and explaining thoughts out to others in a clear manner. Someone who has a Verbal-Linguistic learning style will be good at explaining concepts, and convincing someone to do something (Carter, 2007, p. 43). This person will be able to help someone in the group that may be having a problem understanding what is being talked about in a clearer, easier way. Third, someone who has Logical-Mathematical learning style will be able to reason scientifically, recognize abstract patterns, and reason inductively and deductively (Carter, 2007, p. 43). All three of these learning bring something unique and different making communication and collaboration easier for a...
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