Effect of Music in Shopping

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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To determine the effect of music on conduct, frame of mind and choices while marketing and consumer behaviour as been addressed in education, psychology, communication, and other fields. As the result we see that in some cases music emerges to increase communication effectiveness. We need to discuss on how, when and why music works in order to understand the part played by music in communication. The structural constituent of music in the proximate context on advertising and its communication with the end consumer will be discussed in this paper in order to provide possible explanations. How a listener would react to particular musical passages can be inferred from the understanding of formal musical analysis. It is very important to understand and note the context in which musical and advertising "communication" takes place. Although detailing the link between musical constituent and particular processing effects would be difficult and beyond the span of this paper, it would provide the basis of why music works in certain conditions and it doesn’t work in some other situation. This is not planned to be an all all-encompassing review, but one based on some of the study done so far in the area. Consequently, we shall think of the musical structure, its relation with vital moderators such as association, processing, sociological factors, (e.g., peer pressures and choice in music) and similarity. Synchronization, lyrics, tune and beat are the elements of musical structure. Important aspect is how these elements effect on the advertisement and the product. These aspects are; a) the consumer, considering their different levels of contribution and moving dispensation; b) the subjective perception of the consumers on the exactness of the music and its relation to the central theme of the advertisement, and, c) the organization of the musical parts. There has always been a keen anxiousness in studying the influence and dispensation of the musical elements (“Alpert and...
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