Effects of Music on the Brain

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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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Bridget O’Sullivan
Miss Esbensen
World Literature
November 6, 2012
Effects of Music on the Brain
The side effects of music on the brain have significantly increased over recent years. More and more people have begun to develop a fascination with music, the way a person’s emotions can be explained so perfectly by a song, the way a sad song can make someone feel sad, the way energetic beats can perk a person right up on a bad day. The results of studies are fascinating. The things that these studies are proving are surprising. These results show the effect of music on everything that a person does, their lives, and even their health. Research on the topic is shocking.

The types of music people listen to, throughout their lives determine a lot of how they act as adults and young adults. Having children listen to appropriate music at young ages has shown improved memory, a higher IQ, and better learning skills (Emory). Children who had music played for them as babies have shown all three of these in testing that was performed exclusively for the purpose of studying the effect of music on the brain.(Emory) Music affects the process of learning and thinking.(Psy) Listening to quiet and soothing music while working helps someone work faster and in a more efficient way. Music has the ability to make a person positive and feel motivated(Discovery). Research has shown that music brings about remarkable improvements in the academic skills of students, who are made to listen to certain kinds of music while studying or working in the lab.(Psy) Listening to pleasant music while doing a difficult task, can make it seem easier(Discovery).

It has also been proved that music has the ability to relieve depression and anxiety in all age groups (Music Therepy). Depression reduces brain activity and hampers the mind’s ability to plan and carry out tasks. Lack of the neurotransmitter, serotonin, results in a depressed state of mind. Soothing musical notes help increase the...
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