Topics: Advertising, Coca-Cola, Aamir Khan Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: January 25, 2013
One fine morning few months back, when people opened The Times of India they heard one sound of launch of one car into the market. It was about Volkswagen car. Advertisers attached one small chip into the inside cover of newspaper. When readers opened it, they heard the advertisement with the music… That’s the pure case of today’s world of advertising and in this world of innovation sky is the only limit. The first and foremost concept of advertisement is that it should attract the eyeballs of audience or readers. That’s the simple definition of art to publicize any product or service into market. How innovatively and interactively you can attract the target group is the key to success for advertisers. That is the reason why advertising firms are spending millions just for searching innovation. We have variety of models of advertisements before us. Starting from ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’ in 1998 to showcase the nation’s unity in prevailing in linguistic diversity, designed by Piyush Pandey and Louis Banks to ‘Hum Mein Hai Hero’ sung by A.R. Rahman in 2012. And we can see the story and brain behind each and every successful advertisement is innovation, innovation in thoughts, music and presentation. Reasons behind Piyush Pandey, National Creative Director Ogilvy & Mather India, winning more than 600 advertisement awards are simple i.e. again innovation. He broke the monotony of elephants being used as a medium and a politician glued to his chair to present the Fevicol advertisement. He used overcrowded bus, the joint family that refuses to fall apart to showcase the characteristics of the product. Similarly, Dairy Milk’s ‘Kuch Khas Hai Hum Sabhi Mein’ signified true sense of companionship. Aleq Padamsee of Lintas is also champion of innovative ideas. After years of fairness cream Fair & Lovely for only women, Lintas came with an idea of introducing Men’s cream Fair & Handsome. Through this advertisement those men were targeted who have had a habit of...
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