Effect of Higher Education on Labour Market in Uk

Topics: Higher education, Postgraduate education, Employment Pages: 4 (1136 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Since the beginning of the 21st century, there are increasing numbers of students who are willing to continue their higher education study around the world. There seems to be an increase of prospect students which grows rapidly especially in some countries such as China, and United Kingdom.  Due to the increase in student graduates with higher education especially in United Kingdom, there are negative effects such as being over qualification, tough competition among native students and international students, and looser fit in labour market in United Kingdom. This essay will be given the explanation of the effect of higher education on the labour market occurring in United Kingdom and global workplace from the last few years until the present time and explore new graduates entry into the workplace and how they meet expectation. Although, there are discussion with many factors affect the labour market in this essay such as the problem of over-qualification, increasing of student who interesting to study in United Kingdom, and the looser fit problem which it can be seen the details with supported figure.

Firstly, there is the problem of over-qualification. This problem occurs to many countries around the world and the group that was affected the most is postgraduate student who is going to apply for their work. Brennan and Little (2010) indicate that ‘UK graduates did not believe that their initial graduate employment required education to degree level’. According to the graph (Figure 1) of the REFLEX study cited in Brennan and Little (2010), it can be seen that the comparison of higher education and the first job after graduation between United Kingdom and Europe. It was indicated that 38 percent of student think that the labour market requires an education under tertiary level in United Kingdom. Unfortunately, the average of student in other European countries was only 18 percent which it can be explain that the postgraduate students still believe that their...
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