Comparative Research on Middle Education Between China and Western Countries

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Comparative Research on Middle Education between China and Western Countries

Karen Yang
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Education is a topic that people frequently discussed. In China, how to carry out educational reform is a big issue. This thesis tries to compare the middle school education system between China and western countries in some certain aspects, and find out innovational way to reform education system in China. This thesis is divided into five chapters to discuss the contrast of middle education between China and west. By comparing the contrast of social environment, cultural tradition, education structure, teaching form and assessment, Chinese people can get some enlightenment from it.

Key word: middle education, contrast, reform


II. Comparison of the Environment and Cultural Tradition1
2.1 Contrast of Social Environment1
2.2 Contrast of Tradition Education Ideas2
III. Differences of the Educational Structure and Teaching Form3 3.1 Differences of the Middle Educational Structure3
3.2 Differences of Class Size and After-school Assignments4 3.3 Different Styles of Teaching Lessons6
IV. Different attitudes towards the assessment7
V. Conclusion8
Works Cited9

Nowadays, science and technology are the first productive forces in our society, talents as carriers of science and technology seem particularly important. Therefore, every country in the world takes great attention on developing the education. Students enter the stage of middle education after graduating from primary school. As an essential part of the foundation education, middle education not only plays an extremely important role on personal development, but also relates to the future of a country and nation. Teenagers are in golden age to acquire knowledge, thus they should be educated to help them develop their abilities. Most countries pay great attention on teenager education, but they have some differences ideas and methods. To compare the middle education between China and West is of great significance. It’s helpful for the development of the Chinese education. It is necessary to transfuse new vigor and innovation to education reform in China. This essay mainly talks about the contrast on middle education between China, America, and Britain. II. Comparison of the Environment and Cultural Tradition

2.1 Contrast of Social Environment
China is the great nation with glorious history and cultural traditions. China has a population of more than 1.3 billion, far exceeded western countries; and suffers a per-capita shortage of resources, including material and mental. “The Chinese person has the excellent moral of modesty, rigorous and implicit, but also has been over cautions and conservative” (Ke 62). Though Chinese economy and technology is backward than some developed countries, it has very strong potential development. In the past more than thirty years of reform and opening up, China has made great achievements. Meanwhile, Chinese has learned from the advanced education experiences to promote the educational reform. On the contrary, America, a typical western country, is open social. The society’s openness urges the American to abandon the old education thought which the European traditional schools sticks to, adopt open policy to absorb all advantages from other countries and establishes. Moreover, western countries have a smaller population with a stronger economy. It is easier to provide the children with better education. In the western world, “people concern with practical value, matter reward as well as individual value realization” (Zhou 46). Generally speaking, western society is more open-minded than Chinese that it quickly accepts other countries’ advanced experiences. 2.2...
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