Higher Education Equals Higher Salary?

Topics: Higher education, University, College Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Higher education equals higher salary?
In China Youth Daily, a story of an undergraduate student raised uproar in society last year. A boy named Han Shengli,graduated from a university in Xi’an province,got a salary largely lower than what his father, a migration worker earned, even though he had devoted four years’ time, effort, energy and a large sum of money. A great number of people think that those with a university education should get a higher salary than those without, for they believe that the former have sweated and sacrificed more. My story obviously denies this point of view. From my perspective, those with a university education are not destined to get a higher salary than those without. On one hand, in the respect of a company, according to wage systems of many enterprises in China, newly employed staffs are paied based on their personal characteristics, related experiences and professional skills. Undoubtedly, an employee’s education background may be taken into consideration in addition. However, that can never be the one and only factor determining one’s page level, in that what a company desires is not a green hand with only high education but a sophisticated worker with operational capability. Consequently, many with a university education get a probably lower salary than those with low education set for lack of experience. On the other hand, in the respect of an employee, many people with a university education don’t work all that hard at school, which means that they don’t sweated or sacrificed as much as others thought. As the expansion of college enrollment, it gets easier and easier for people to get a college education. University is no longer a cradle of social elites as decades ago. Many college students spend much time in playing and dating rather than studying. As we can see in our school, a so-called prestigious university, classrooms and libraries are normally occupied with only few students in after-class periods. When final...
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