Education System in Pakistan Produces Spoiled Menpower

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  • Published : June 19, 2011
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Education System in Pakistan Produces Spoiled Manpower

Basic education is the right of every citizen of a country , which enables them to differentiate between the good & bad and favorable and unfavorable. Primary education which is a foundation of a child's education plays a key role. We en light those defects which cause the quality of education lower and lower. Education system evolves as the country's economy evolves. There is no proper procedure of recruitment including low educational qualification as an eligibility criteria of selection and no authentic training is provided by education department , which enables the teacher to teach the children(students) in sophisticated way because they hire illegible candidates by favoritism and bribery basis.

Low quality and outdated course contents
the text that designed by the text book board are low quality and often outdated contents are included and more important and beneficial contents are concealed ,so that our child mental level will also be growing according to the said books.

Low salary and incentives
Low salary and lack of incentives are also factor which cause the teacher to dis heart and irresponsible from their duties which damage the motive to transform the knowledge to students(children). The govt: should give the incentives and equal benefits to them through they will feel satisfaction and pleasure and in this they will be motivated.

Irresponsibility of Principal
where there is irresponsibility in practice by part of teacher, the principal don't take serious action to justify the negligence which destroy the whole educational environment school, it,s often seen that when some student submit complaint against teacher they oppose the student and take revenge from them .

No check and Balance
the education authorities also don't inspect regularly on monthly or bimonthly basis which loos the control o the management of educational institutions and the negligence increase...
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