Education in India

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Education plays a vital role in life as it makes the overall development of a human being. Mostly every successful person is educated. It is considered as an asset as it stays with a person till he dies and helps in overcoming his/her problems. Education is vast and is divided into different fields and categories at different levels. It is a key to reduce poverty and reduces problems like unemployment at a great extent and causes economic development in a country. Different countries have different perceptions about the education and the ways of carrying it is very different too.             The countries have their own style of schooling and conducting education at different levels such as education system in India is way different from the education system of United States of America. The courses and style of teaching and method of learning in these two particular countries are very different from each other. The American schools, colleges and universities are always better at providing their students best technologies which makes the work easier and faster and better than the students studying in Indian schools and colleges. The universities and schools in United States of America basically emphasizes on the overall development of the student which helps the American child in accelerating in his/her education. But when we look at the the students studying in the Indian colleges and schools they do not get better technological facilities and education environment and simply read out the books where there won’t be any interaction of students with teachers so the overall general knowledge in some cases do not increase which is the main drawback of education system of India.             India is known for its ancient culture and history and is one of the oldest civilizations of the world so it is rich in ancient culture and heritage as well as history. These above factors are reflected in the education system and other extra curricular activities...
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