Understandin the Impacts of Education on Any Individuals

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Understanding the Impacts of Education on any Individuals
No human beings are able to survive properly without education. Education is the one who tells men how to think, how to work suitably and how to make decisions. It also considered as one of the basic needs like food, clothe, and shelter. Education is mostly taught in schools and they are responsible of doing so much more than teaching students basic skills and academic subjects. They are capable of teaching a variety of things a book. For example, they may teach a student how to drive, draw and paint pictures, compose music, speak another language or even help you meet various kinds of people. Education opens up a whole lot of opportunities for students to which can help them explore their interest and possibly their future profession. Thus, education is vital to life of each and every person for they are capable of pioneering possibilities beyond the book.

To find out the impact of education on any individuality, one must learn to understand the basic knowledge of the real definition, purpose, history and importance of education. During the Age of Discovery, the first groups of Europeans came in to contact with the Native Americans to which both engaged in cultural exchange. In their encounter, the two separate worlds both shared their beliefs and values to which was altered unequally. It was evident that the European’s values and traditions became dominant as the conquest and confrontation continues. (Urban & Wagoner 1). Europeans traditions influenced us in many ways and one would be our educational system. As John Amos Comenius (1592-1670), a Czech theologian and philosopher, suggested the thought of education could improve society. With that in mind, he advocated universal textbooks & language. He also believes that children would enjoy learning more if they were systematically taught in the early years. Comenius ideas laid the groundwork for some of American school systems such as nursery schools, elementary school, high school and colleges. Although, the Europeans contributed a great big deal in the American school system, it does not necessarily mean that they did not receive any other influences in other countries: “Many current American educational practices can be traced to European roots. This by no means suggests that educational ideas developed in Asia, Africa, the Pacific Island Region and among the indigenous American peoples are less worthy; it simply attest to the importance attached to education by population who came North America from Europe and to their success in transplanting many European educational ideas to North America” (Armstrong, Henson & Savage). The information provided proved the point that although, European ideas impacted the American school system more it does not mean that they worth any less or they did not help at all into shaping to what we come to know our American Education. Many experts believe that education is a series of processes derive from a book or procedure that involves a “correct method” to which a student should be exposed to. This could involve having students learn methods without critically thinking through it and determine how it can be applied without those certain steps. Education is none of those things because in truth, it is an ongoing process which carries on both inside a classroom and outside world and environment of a student (Rhodes). Although, society and a variety of people have different definition of education it is irrefutable to say that education does not only revolves around the school it could be everywhere.Growing up, we have been told and believed that acquiring education will lead us to a successful future, but each and every ones path differs from each other from how they will tackle it to how would they start it (Jones). Although, mostly everyone can relate to that it does not mean that the purpose of education will be tied down to one. As Jones clearly stated that...
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