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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Professor Donna Pope
English 121-046RL
Argument Paper, Draft 3 Final

“Are the educational systems priorities being out of whack at fault for lack of success?”

There are many negative influences on students today that the quote “Knowledge is the key to success.” has lost its power. The lack of success of our current youth is not directly related to a failure of the educational systems priorities but instead the society around it. A school fails to accomplish its goals when the students in the school lose the desire to succeed academically.

One of the biggest influences on students today is the media. It is obvious that shows like South Park, Beavis and Butthead, and The Jersey Shore have a negative impact on student’s goals or morals. Programs like Jackass and Nitro Circus make it seem like being a total moron and doing crazy stunts will ultimately get you paid. Unfortunately there are hardly any shows that portray academic success as the “cool” thing. Even shows that may seem harmless like Drake and Josh for example have a character that is a slacker who has many friends and is considered cool. While the other character that is smart has no friends and is a “loser”. Television tends to use the same formula constantly where athletic types are part of the in crowd and again the smart characters as “nerds”. Sure shows that are informative or constructive such as Extreme Makeover Home Edition on HGTV or Curiosity on History have positive messages but they are not really after young viewers. The glorification of sports in the media even has a major negative effect. With athletes being paid millions of dollars sports often become more important than academics. When In reality only an extremely small percent of students will go on to get paid for any type of sport. Music generally by rappers promotes a life of crime where selling drugs and gangbanging will make you a millionaire. With music videos that have half naked chicks and huge...
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