Essay No Child Left Behind Argument

Topics: Standardized test, Education, No Child Left Behind Act Pages: 2 (304 words) Published: April 21, 2013
In the American education policy “no child left behind'. Sing by

George bush was put into effect in January 2001. This program was

established to close gaps and better the lives of minorities in schools. Kids

are no longer fending for themselves because they have no programs

protecting them and helping then get to the top There are those who are

assertive in the decision and those who are skeptical of political

promises,Testing has become the end-all,be-all of the public education

reform movement.

Primarily,Education conversation has become a hot topic in the

united states lately,base on these standardizes tests that are use to judge

the performance of our youths .this policy 'NCLB” Many student of

minority or low-income backgrounds have been “left behind.” are youth are

not excelling in fundamental skills that requires,students to pass these

standardizes tests such as ACT ( American College Testing),SAT

(Scholastic Assessment) and basic skills given by books or teachers..

studies have shown a high percentage of low test scores among students.

Secondly, These standardizes test serves the same purpose in this manner is use to judge

the performance of our youth the material that was given by teachers. there is a leap hole in this

policy,that needs to be address. throughout our education tests and exams have been changing

dramatically. An many of our youth cant keep up.

Finally,Teachers and students communication is easily accessible, but always not utilize some

teachers are more difficult to talk to then others that usually the main barriers and students feel

a tremendous amount of pressure associated with high stakes testing to produce high student

scores. Many of this schools or not meeting district state and NCLB goals,the standardizes test scores

has and effect on teachers as well....
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