Education 1300 Paper

Topics: Goal, John Cavil, Critical thinking Pages: 9 (2792 words) Published: December 18, 2012
How to be a peak performer?

Brianna L. Davis

El Paso Community Collage-Valle Verde

Education 1300/Mastering Academic Excellence

Professor Hector Zubia, Jr.

November 12, 2012


In this essay the reader will find great ways to become a peak performer. For many times in an individual’s life there are struggles and feelings of stressful problems, but by having strategies and tips the problems are easy to overcome. Being a peak performer is knowing how and when to overcome these barriers. In this essay the reader will understand how to be and maintain being a peak performer. When overcoming any troubles it is better to know what and how you will face it. A peak performer will always be able to maintain the skills and solutions they learned to solve whatever life may throw their way. The skills and objectives an individual learns while in this class will always follow and guide them.

How to be a peak performer?

All of the tips and strategies a student will learn help create the basis for every step and choice in their lives. Creating this skillful individual takes time and effort and will only be accomplished with the strength and determination to do so. In the duration of Education 1300 I have come to really understand things more clearly and gather the skills I need to be a great peak performer. What I really hope to take of this class is the strengths and friendships I have gathered and put them to my everyday life. This class has been one of the most helpful tools in my life; I have learned so many great tips for example: the many lessons taught on relationships and how to handle conflict, I have always been awful at telling others how I feel in a clear and calm way. As a peak performer I am happy to say I have the strength and determination to keep myself moving and to gather a better understanding of the problems in my life. A Peak Performer’s life is not easy but it is manageable and I am determined to make it a good one.

Problem Solving Skills

There are several steps to solving a problem. Step one is to define the problem. This means state your problem clearly, so you know what you need. Step two is gathering and interpreting information. This means getting research on the problem at hand. The third step is developing and implementing a plan of action. This means to choose an appropriate strategy and eventually follow it. And finally the fourth step is evaluating your plan. This means to see if it is efficient (Ferrett, 2012).

Critical Thinking Skills

A major concept for critical thinking is knowledge of what an individual needs and/or has. Knowledge has many aspects but the majority of the time its identifying facts, memorization skills: recalling and understanding key points and aspects. A different but just as important part of being a critical thinker is comprehension. Comprehension is simply proving that an individual fully understands a concept. A very similar point is application. Application is simply stated, a person can apply a task or subject into reality of life or a differing subject. One other point is analysis. Analysis is the relation to another concept. Synthesis is about improving and developing creative ideas. This is one of the major points to critical thinking and finally the last part to critical thinking is evaluation. Evaluation is about criticizing a position and to list advantages and disadvantages of a topic (Ferrett, 2012).

Notes-Taking Skills

Note taking has numerous options to choose from. One way modernly popular way is cornel notes. They consist of three following parts: notes, cues, and summary, this is efficient to remember things by topic which narrows them down to a group so small that you will remember everything about the topic at hand. The second effective way is using a mind map. Mind maps are good for brainstorming; it helps create a better visual for better...
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