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Topics: Education, School, Lesson plan Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: January 17, 2013
A typical day at BX Science
Our class always starts at 8.15, but students are usually much earlier in the school talking and playing with friends. First subject is English. Everyone is prepared of this lesson, because Ms.Byun suddenly gives essay for HW and you never know who will be next, after first lesson finishes. Then we go to another lesson World History, which is one of the bored subjects. I go to sleep after 10mins of lecture. But sometimes he teaches the lessons with passion, making them really interesting. The third lesson is English. The teachers name is Mr.Bausili. He is a very interesting teacher, with good experience, but the best thing about him is, he is very funny, and every student just relaxes in his class. Then the fourth lesson is French. It is kind of interesting class. Because, learning new foreign language is kind of cool. After this class I have Geometry. It is a really interesting subject too. I got to know more about angles and postulates and my teacher teaches us so well and make the subject look interesting. Then I have lunch. After all the hard-works, lunch is kind of a refresher for me. I have lunch and play soccer with my friends. The sixth lesson is Algebra. My teacher is Ms. Daniels. She is one of my favorite teachers just like Ms.Byun. She has the creativeness, that how to Interest students. We have fun and do Algebra in her class. After Algebra I have Biology. I have a young teacher for Biology. Her name is Ms.Koo. She is a good teacher and explains us very well, though I have a poor grade in her class, but I try my best and she supports me very well. Then I have Mr.Grath for gym. After having 8 periods, he gives 10mins for relax and after that we have to jog for 5mins then go through our basketball course. Probably after 20mins of playing basketball, the bell rings and hearing the bell ring is like the best moment in the entire day. I go to my locker, have soda, put my binders from the locker and head my way to the subways.
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