Economy Case Study

Topics: Economics, Education, Innovation Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Hello Professor and Classmates,

The report depended on many different components are grouped into 12 pillars of competitiveness to measure the different aspect of competitiveness for the 144 countries’ economies, the 12 pillars are: 1. Institutions

2. Infrastructure
3. Macroeconomic
4. Health and primary education
5. Higher education and training
6. Goods market efficiency
7. Labor market efficiency
8. Financial Market Development
9. Technological readiness
10. Market Size
11. Business sophistication
12. Innovation
Each one of these pillars depends on another pillar and leads to improve another pillar or pillars, I can’t talk about all of these pillars because of the allotted space that we have in this section, but I would like to talk about two pillars the health and primary education, and the innovation, and measure them on my country, Jordan, to make it more competitive globally. The health or medical in Jordan is great so far, we have great doctors for all fields but the problem that you have to pay too much money to cover your curing expensive and we are not insured form the government or any insurance agency which it makes the curing difficult for most of Jordanian people because the poverty level is high comparatively there, also the education is the same, it is really expensive too and we don’t have support from the government or even study loan which is difficult to get , the education is so important issue in Jordan, you can’t find any one uneducated there except some old people, actually the youth in Jordan work two jobs to afford their educational expenses . regarding the innovation, I have met many guys in Jordan were have a great ideas to innovate something but we don’t have any support from the country or any institute to adopt their ideas, for example, my neighbor in Jordan used to work in a body shop and he had an old car, he had changed all his car’s parts and created the other parts and made his car in a new shape...
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