Eating Habits to Inprobe

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Dieting Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Poor eating habits lead to major concern

A poor diet can lead to a number of issues for the human body; some issues that may appear because of a poor diet are lack of motivation leading to obesity, continuous bad eating habits and other serious health problems. These concerns are a problem as lack of motivation stops you from exercising and doing physical activities this will make you gain weight and lead to obesity, obesity is bad as it shortens your life and you can die earlier than a normal healthy person your age. Continuous bad eating habits would make you fat as you would keep eating bad foods like takeaways all the time so your body will be use to the fatty foods and this is what you will like to eat most often. Other serious health problems are type 2 diabetes, which occur from too much fat and sugar, this is bad. As you eat heaps of bad foods then you don’t exercise and the diabetes takes over this shows that fat and sugar are dangerous for the human body.

The problem with having a diet, which is loaded with fats and sugars, is that this is what you will get use to, you will like the taste of fatty foods like Mc Donald's and burger king and you will not like fresh foods as much as the fatty foods, this will make your body un healthy and you can get diseases like diabetes faster than a person who only eats fast food sometimes and more fresh foods.

Things that stop a person from eating foods with less fat and sugar are things like fatty foods and cheaper and easier to buy you don’t have to make anything you just pay the store and they make it for you, its cheap too and you don’t have to go to the supermarket and buy all the ingredients then make it. Another reason is that we like the taste of fatty foods we dislike salad and veggies as the cheeseburger tastes way better than anything green.

In New Zealand 1% are underweight, 34% are normal weight, 37% are overweight, 28% are obese, this is a survey based on adults 15+ years. The Males in new...
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