Nutrition and Limited Budget

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Patrick Jones
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Is it possible to meet nutritional requirements on a limited budget? Have you ever been in this situation? What would you recommend to someone who wants to eat healthfully on $50 per week?
Many families and people are facing economic struggles and it shows with the food that they eat on a daily basis. From personal experience I heard many people say that they eat what they can afford and what they can afford is not healthy. Healthy food in particular can be more pricey than fast food, junk food and things of that nature but it is possible to eat healthy and meet your nutritional requirements on a limited budget. There are ways that can help you meet you requirements everyday such as making a plan of what your going to eat on certain days, creating a grocery list and more.

Making a plan is on of the first things that can help your eat right on a budget. Before going to a grocery store you should create a list of everything that you need and sum up of approximate price of what everything will cost. You should do this prior to receiving your pay check so you can not only budget your food but other things like paying bills. Something else that would help out a lot is cutting out all of your junk food that you used to eat. Next you should look for sales and coupons that you can use to help save money. Buy food in bulk such as family pack you get more for less money. If you are the type that like to eat out you can still save money buy getting specials and drink water instead of soft drinks it healthy and cheap.

Since I'm a teenager and do not have a job I find myself in situation like this all the time. One of the things I do is only buy food that I know I will eat and not mess up because I can not afford to. When I shop with my parent I tend to look for deals to help save for the next trip.

For someone who want to eat healthy but is on a budget of 50 I would recommend buying in bulks. They should also...
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