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This project, first of all, gives a brief introduction to the product EasiSMS. It outlines the various areas in which it is effective as a SMS solution.

Secondly, it gives an outlook of the project that I had been working on, its scope i.e. the various features and applications involved and the technology behind it for the different products under the effective areas.

Then, detailed information is provided on the various products EasiSMS has to offer under system monitoring, desktop monitoring and system integration. Finally, this report draws conclusions on the facts and figures related to this important solution of managing multiple sms servers to do more work efficiently and explains the significance of the same.


Company Profile


Solutions-ME is a young entrepreneurial company, providing solutions in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. It is headquartered in Dubai, the commercial capital of the Middle East. Within a span of a few years, it has notched up over 1000 clients in the GCC region.

The team of 50 professionals is dedicated to bringing best of breed emerging enterprise technology to the region for the benefit of small, medium and large enterprises. The solutions provided by SME and the products they carry are detailed elsewhere.

SME is proud of their achievements measured in following terms: Growth, Profitability, Stability, Visibility & Market Leadership.

SME serves each and every one of the area customers irrespective of their size or clout. SME does not believe in neglecting the small customer in order to pamper the big ones. Customers come from almost every sector of the economy including energy, utility, finance, distribution, transportation and government. SME serves small one-man-offices to large enterprises with thousands of employees.


Solutions-ME boasts of an impressive organizational structure that works effectively thereby proving that a well-defined management hierarchy can add to a company’s efficiency.

This structure is illustrated in the flow chart shown below.


Figure 1: Organization Structure

Chapter 3

3.1 Introduction

EasiSMS is a simple, robust, and scalable console-based SMS gateway. It can be used as a standalone program to send or receive SMS. Windows services (including UPS) can now inform administrator when exception occurs. No programming is required except some simple configurations on the services. Network/System Administrators can monitor servers & be alerted when system misbehaves or fail via SMS. In many cases, system integrators would like to SMS-enabled their solutions quickly and effortlessly. EasiSMS supports cable, infrared, and bluetooth connectivities to all standard GSM modems and compatible handsets.

The Business Challenge
Enterprises are increasingly facing demanding challenges - to cut costs and do more, efficiently. They need customizable SMS messaging solutions for communication (inter-department or with external groups) and system monitoring notifications.  However, the high cost and inefficiency of managing multiple SMS servers becomes a daunting issue as requirements increase, from various departments.

The Solution
Inspire-Tech's EasiSMS Enterprise Solution Suite.
EasiSMS enterprise solution suite is designed in functional modular blocks and SOA architecture to satisfy different messaging processes. Hence, EasiSMS products will work individually or as part of an integrated system to enable different messaging processes for an organisation. With constant demands for tight data security, and integration requirements with in-house legacy systems as well as active directories, companies get just that with the EasiSMS - an on-site robust server solution. It has been deployed...
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