Earth Galleries - Service Concept

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  • Published : November 8, 2005
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PDS Questions

1. How would you describe the concept of the Geological Museum and also that of the new Earth Galleries?

Organisation: Geological Museum

Organising Idea: "Rocks in boxes, for geology specialists"

Service concept: Viewing purposes only were people that are interested could go and view the findings within the field of geology, viewed by geology specialists. Where the expression "rocks in boxes" express the museums organizing idea, where the stones are presented in the plain scientific way.

Organisation: New Earth Galleries

Organising Idea: Promote the discovery, understanding, responsible use and enjoyment of the natural world.

Service concept:

2. What do you think were the key problems faced by the designers in creating the new concept?

•Adopting to new customer base
•Changing museum structure
•Changing the reputation
•Start marketing
•Expand viewing offer
•Adopting to entertaining while educating the public
•Keep old values/offer while expanding and improving
•Hire educated staff with service skills
•Expanding services and facilities to include catering and gift shops as well as toilets. •Offering different parts, whole museum as well as mini exhibitions. •Adding information based on the public compared to geology specialists.

By focusing on the main problems the designers might have, and trying to explain why these are problems and why they occur. By going through the change progress and looking at what got changed I'm concentrating on why you can't do isolated changes. As well as how they changed the service so its customer oriented, and timely original.

While going from a single experience to a multi-levelled experience as described and illustrated in (Operations and Business System Management, Lisa O'Brian, 2005). While making the service more up to date and changing the service from a service concept where learning and science where in the front row to where the public could experience and...
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