Dynamics of Power and Politics

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1. Discuss the paradigm shift of work culture and the related issues in the present day context. Briefly describe the factors of organizational relevance. UNIT 2 SOLUTION:

This essay is going to discuss the paradigm shift of work culture and the related issues in the present day context. A brief description of the factors of organization relevance will also be given. This will be done by defining paradigm, and paradigm shift. Then discussing the paradigm shift of work culture and the related issues in the present day context including work organization; social structure; dependency syndrome; cultural dimension; managing diversity; gender issues and knowledge workers. Thereafter a brief description of factors of organization relevance will be given and these include employability; changeability; social tension; democratization of work process; empowerment; service orientation and changing expectations of stakeholders.

Paradigm is an intellectual perception or view, accepted by an individual or a society as a clear example, model or pattern of how things work in the world(www.businessdictionary.com/definition/paradigm.html). For example the earth being round. Paradigm represents internal mental and emotional structural thought forms that are used to construct reality (Thomas Kuhn, 1970).

Paradigm shift is a fundamental change in an individual’s or society’s view of how things work in the world. It is a change from one way of thinking to another. For EXAMPLE the shift from heart to brain as the seat of thinking and feeling. New paradigms arise when it becomes apparent, at least to some people, that old paradigms are not capable of solving important problems, or that old paradigms have begun to create more problems than they solve.

There have been major paradigm shifts since the agricultural revolution which had the agrarian society’s mindset. Then in the seventeenth century, the agrarian paradigm was replaced with the industrial paradigm.

Then around mid sixties, there was a shift to post industrial paradigm. The individual and collective paradigm of a vast majority of Indian public is even now based on the agrarian mind-set and future managers will have a big task of changing that to meet the challenges of emerging information based society, there will be need to align employees behaviour with the changing paradigm.( ( IGNOU MBA Study Material on SOCIAL PROCESSES AND BEHAVIORAL ISSUES)

On work organizations, for example in India, the arrangement was that work was performed as a social obligation, and caste systems symbolized differences in occupations. Work organizations are now embedded in social system and cultural values.I today’s context;there is also another paradigm shift we call Smart Work which is now emerging and is being driven by extreme changes in approaches to work, work cultures, business architectures, premises, decision making, communications, and collaboration. Smart Work is an act of production performed independent of time and place. In its ultimate form, the “office” no longer exists and traditional work conventions such as work hours are irrelevant. Smart Work is results-oriented(Boorsman, 2011)

On social structure, the mind of Indians are on hierarchical structuring of persons and relationships and this goes up to organizations where superiors are expected to be caring, loving, protective in their relationship with the subordinates. For example people expect a Program Manager to love and protect employees under him.

On dependency syndrome, the Indian children from infancy have a feeling of depending on those superior or older to them and...
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