Types of Changing in "Looking for Alibrandi"

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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There are many types of change, change in perspective, emotional change, physically change and world change. In Looking for Alibrandi, the author, Melina Marchetta demonstrates, the concept of change not only through the main character, Josephine, but also some other minor characters such as Michael Andretti and John Barton though the majority is shown through Josephine. The poem, “The Door” by Miroslav Holub is very similar to Looking for Alibrandi as it also shows the concept of change but it tells us that change can mean that anything could happen even if that anything is nothing. Change can be good, it can be bad, change can be anything and it can even start relationships.

Relationships can be a catalyst for change; it can start and amend relationships. In the novel Looking for Alibrandi, when Michael Andretti first finds out about Josephine he says, “I do not want to see her. I do not want to love her. I do not want a complication in my life!” (Melina uses an exclamation mark which depicts his forceful tone. Dialogue is also used which has a negative connotation to it which is certifying that he doesn’t want a daughter.) As the novel progresses, Josephine and Michael begin to bond together and enjoy each other’s company. Michael faces a change in his perspective on fatherhood. Josephine and Michael start to have a daughter and father relationship as Josephine says, “I love Michael Andretti more and more everyday.” (The repetition of the word ‘more’ shows us that Josephine really means it and the use of juxtaposition from the quote used before emphasises that relationships can be a catalyst for change). What I have learnt is that when people change, no matter how they change, many things come out of it like relationships. Change can be seen as a positive aspect of everyday life, this change can be big or small. In the beginning of the novel, Josephine is ashamed of her Italian heritage; she thinks it’s a curse rather than a gift and she’s only Italian...
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