Away Michael Gow

Topics: Family, Mother, Learning Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Change is when something is not what it used to be. It is a process, transition or alteration that affects all aspects. During the play, Gow uses many different techniques and the story of 3 different Australian families to help the audience understand the concept of change. There are 3 main characters that Gow portrays change through during the play; Gwen, Tom and Coral. In the beginning of the play, Gwen, wife of Roy, mother of Meg, is known as a nagging housewife who didn’t have the greatest upbringing and has an obsession with Bex powder. Gwen has an opinion and if she does not agree with something, she is not afraid to say so. This shows in the way that she brings up meg. They have a very prosperous lifestyle and do not go with much. Gwen’s dialogue throughout the play is very negative and this has a barrier on a healthy relationship with her family. By the end of the play she changes into a sympathetic and balanced individual after the storm takes away everything that she made sure her family had, and also after learning that some families really don’t have the greatest life.

Tom and his mum Vic and dad Harry moved from England 8 years ago and are not the wealthiest family. Tom is a very skilled and talented actor. Tom and his family are very happy and appreciate everything that life gives them. The family has learnt to live through the news of Tom’s illness (leukaemia) but has never given up. Tom accepts that he is dying but doesn’t show it to his parents as they are unaware that tom knows this. Tom knows his life is rapidly changing but there is nothing he can do, as he been brought up, he just takes life as it comes. During the play, Coral is going through an emotional breakdown caused by the death of her son. Her life is distorted by the pain she could not escape. Because of this she becomes withdrawn and very distant of her husband Roy. Whenever Coral has to socialise with people, she finds it very difficult and she “cant think of anything to...
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