Dynamics of High Performing Organizations

Topics: Personality psychology, Trait theory, High-performance computing Pages: 5 (1732 words) Published: March 1, 2013
The Dynamics of High Performing Organizations:
Managing the Human Side of Business
Sharon Williams
Article Critique
February 07, 2012
Dr. Steven Cates
Columbia Southern University

The Dynamics of High Performing Organizations
Managing the Human Side of Business
Bibliographic Citation
Cascio, W., & Boudreau, J. (2011). The Dynamics of High Performing Organizations: Managing the Human Side of Business. Journal, American Management Association. Volume 40, Issue 4, Pages 243-334 (October-December 2011). I. A Brief Introduction of the Article:

This particular article published by Cascio and Boudreau (2011) emphasis and focus was about the Dynamics of High Performing Organizations. Specifically, the authors recognizable notion was built upon knowing that there are many features that will influence the dynamics of a team or firm, such as headship, executive management styles, the number of staff members, whether it is family-owned versus publicly traded, the physical location as well as the employable residents in the area, etc. Cascio and Boudreau (2011) have collected vast pertinent information as to what pushes and/or drives successful organizations, executives and employees. They have established that high performance organizations are driven and/or powered by high performance individuals. It is evident that high performance individuals, the greatest of the greatest, are motivated by a precise set of traits and developmental characteristics. Cascio and Boudreau (2011) suggest that these various personalities can quickly identify which applicants have them, and which do not. Moreover, Cascio and Boudreau (2011) argue that there are four specific personality traits that influence performance dynamics. Similarly, the four key driven personality traits that are known to control and push high performance individuals are strength driven by energy, governance, trained driven by discipline and attractiveness of people. They suggest individuals who grade soaring high in these traits are the finest of the finest, having powerful personalities with inner drive, force, assertiveness, proactiveness, and fiery enthusiasm that come from within. They can bring results and help assist in getting the job done and finished. Furthermore, Cascio and Boudreau (2011) explain when managers employ applicants with these four personalities and well balance, and then they are employing high performance individuals, and equally structuring a high-performance organization. Moreover, through performance dynamics, these features can be specified, agreed upon, and used for the advantage of their company. In essence, it is evident that creating the High-Performance Organizations contains countless articles such as this one and real-life situations given by the authors in order to share their perception, accomplishments, and enthusiasm of the power of successful organizations. Throughout the article, the authors give some of the lessons they have learned about groups and groups’ performance in the organization. Besides, substantial performance questions boosting groups regardless of where they are in an organization. Cascio and Boudreau (2011) provide in the article study a pretty solid foundational definition defining organizational dynamics (OD). They defined organizational dynamics as an organization that consist of a group of two or more participants who work collectively together to achieve something that normally cannot be realized alone. Moreover, it is specifically expressed in such a way that is easy to understand by the reader. Furthermore, the authors explains how the level of effective achievement is said to be unwavering by the behavior characteristics of a firm’s makeup of individual social relations and team dynamics, and how they all respond when brought together. According to Cascio and Boudreau (2011) explain the essence of leaders and/or supervisors is to...
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