Leadership in Healthcare

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Interactive Model of Leadership3
Measure to Analyse Leadership Skills5
Critical Factors5
Identifying Leadership Gaps5
Closing the gaps6
Nature of Motivation, Satisfaction & Performance8
Task Orientation among Teams8
Nature of group & group development8
Leading Virtual teams8
Creating the Virtual Team9


The organization chosen for this assignment is Bupa Care Services, Leeds, UK. Founded in 1947, Bupa Care Services have believed in the motto that they should help people live longer, happier & healthier lives with provision of good quality healthcare. Bupa not being open to shareholders works purely for the benefits of its patients. Their various initiatives in terms of investment are aimed at better healthcare for their patients. The focus of this assignment is on the leadership programme conducted by Bupa in “Caring for elder people”

Bupa, through its network of residential hospitals, retirement homes & nursing homes in the UK, Australia, Spain and New Zealand takes care of thousands of elder patients. Over a period of time with increase in experience they have identified lacunas in their processes and reached a maturity to excel in innovation and development of care facilities for the elderly. With collaborations with researchers, expert partners and academics they aim to find innovative ways to improve their services

With the society at large being dominated by ageing individuals, it introduces the healthcare domain with new challenges to address. It is more prevalent in developed countries which have a strong healthcare system to support individuals during their more productive phase in life thus improving their life expectancy.

Globally speaking, it is estimated in the next two decades that there would be about twice the percentage of elders in the UK as compared to today, while individuals who have completed their centenary would be 4 times as compared to today. In Australia, the numbers are expected to increase from the current 0.2 million to an estimated 0.5 million in the next two decades. A more similar trend is predicted in New Zealand whereby the current count is estimated to be doubled in the next three decades..

The programme aims at trying to profile care home population, support initiatives to garner funds, target improvement of healthcare aspects and a aim at the greater good for improving the standard of living of the elderly. The programme was conducted under the able leadership of Mark Ellerby, Managing Director, Bupa Care Services and Dr. Clive Bowman, Medical Director, Bupa Care Services.

Interactive Model of Leadership

Response from people today in a corporate team based culture is largely influenced by the behaviour of their leaders. People like if their leaders are with them rather then above them, which gives them a feeling on belonging in the team and not a slave to the system. This calls for an innovative and lateral shift in the thinking behaviour on part of the leaders to be effective in their workplace. The interactive leadership development program helps leaders learn to effectively make that shift & excel as team players.

The program offers a new lease of life and offers an opportunity for to be leaders to benchmark their skills against the best practises from around the world which is supported and well documented through a world class study of more than three decades. The intent of the program is to make candidates test their inner skills and coach themselves against external actions. It provokes them to improve upon their competencies and be better leaders to achieve higher performance with results which have a long lasting impression.

The research on interactive leadership has been conducted by founder David H. Burnham and Harvard psychologist Dr. David C. McClelland basis which they have observed the way leaders behave and most...
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