Healthcare Management Roles and Responsibilities

Topics: Management, Health care, Senior management Pages: 5 (1662 words) Published: November 2, 2010
Healthcare Management Roles and Responsibilities

Kimberly M. Hawkins

Bellevue University


What can McDonald’s and Starbucks teach healthcare executives about appropriate and essential management training? Typically, their managerial process is more lengthy and extensive in comparison to most healthcare management. Throughout this paper the author will interview a healthcare manager who has led such a path in health care and explore his personal experiences. Throughout the personal communication of the author and the healthcare manager, the transition from clinical staff member to healthcare manager is explored. Trials and tribulations of such a transition occur and are explained, as well the roles and responsibilities required of healthcare managers.

Healthcare Managers Roles and Responsibilities
It is quite apparent technology and change are drastically impacting society and its members. With the fast paced urban lifestyle and workforce, leaders and managers from all types of organizations, are on the forefront encouraging, motivating, educating, and implementing change to best meet their employers objectives. Unfortunately, employees who are hired into management at Starbucks coffee shop and McDonald’s fast food chains receive more management training than most healthcare managers currently employed in the United States. Starbucks requires nine months of on-the-job training, along with an apprenticeship and time spent in a classroom. In addition, must be personally examined by those in senior staff members. McDonald’s policy is similar with training being provided for eight months. Yet, typical managers in healthcare are lucky to have had any employers invest in, and broaden their management knowledge and/or skill building opportunities prior to increasing their responsibilities (Seldon, 2008). Are healthcare organizations investing in their leaders and managers? Wouldn’t the inflated cost of healthcare facilitate appropriate education and employment of healthcare managers? Those responsible for ensuring competent staff, appropriate billing/ insurance processing, quality measures, and the meeting of patient safety guidelines generate revenue. Consequently, in the author’s opinion, are deserving of organizational investment in management education. Are current and future goals, as well as expectations, reasonable within the manager’s professional experience and education? Chris Hawkins, RN, BSN has had personal experience with his journey into healthcare management through the clinical aspect of healthcare; nursing. Working full time, parenting full time, and attending nursing school full time finally bore fruit for Hawkins in 2002. Graduating from an accredited community college with an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), Hawkins set out into the workforce choosing Intensive Care as his specialty. Hawkins had and continued to perform his signature daily goal: “I always strive to leave my patients in a better condition than how I found them” (C. D. Hawkins, personal communication, September 28, 2010). In 2003, after one year of adjusting to 12 hour night shifts, Hawkins enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program at Creighton University in Omaha, NE. In 2005, he graduated with his BSN, all the while juggling other life responsibilities. Chris was employed in a thirteen bed ICU for five years as well as working extra shifts for two years at a local nursing agency. Thereafter, he transitioned to rural Med Surg nursing (personal communication, September 28, 2010). Hawkins accepted a rural Med Surg nursing position as the Lead Charge Nurse of the unit. His role and responsibilities began to have more of a leadership requirement and through his leadership he began to showcase his managership capabilities (personal communication, September 28, 2010). Leadership and management are often misjudged in their distinction between the two....
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