Group Dynamics

Topics: Psychology, Group dynamics, Human behavior Pages: 5 (1615 words) Published: November 12, 2011
Group Dynamics
Elizabeth Duncan
November 5, 2011
Dr. Edward Garrido

Group Dynamics
The dynamics of a group is very important to how the group functions. According toGreenlee and Karanxha, “ group dynamics, as a conceptual framework, provide a heuristic approach for understanding how effective groups both work and advance our knowledge” (2010 p. 360). The first area to look at is what a group is. There are different areas to group dynamics. This paper will look at these areas. One area that will be looked at is the makeup of the group in terms of gender, education, and length of time with the organization. Another area that the paper will examine is what growth the organization has under went in the time it has been operating. The next area to be examined is the structure of the group and how that structure affects the performance of the group.

The next area of group dynamics is to describe the dynamics of group behavior. How the group interacts with each other and with those outside the group. The last area that this paper will examine is to look at the effect that the group has had on the author in terms of his or her views on group polarization, conformity, and groupthink. In the end the paper will provide a look at UTS and how the author has changed since becoming a member. What is a group?

There are many definitions of what makes up a group. A group is made up of a collection of individuals who have regular contact and frequent interaction, mutual influence, common feeling of camaraderie, and who work together to achieve a common set of goals. People are a part of many different types of groups. They are part of a family, a group within the community, and a group at their workplace. The group provides a sense of belonging as well as a social outlet for people.

Groups are used for many different purposes. According to Jex and Britt, “organizations make use of groups for an obvious reason: A group can accomplish more than an individual” (2008, p. 339). This use of groups allows organizations to accomplish projects faster and it also has the ability to draw on various member’s strengths and talents. Groups also serve to create a sense of belonging and fellowship between its members. The organization uses this to its benefit. Employees that have a sense of family tend to put forth their best efforts instead of just doing enough to get by. UTS

Unified Transportation Service, or U.T.S for short, is where Elizabeth works. U.T.S is a division of Cobb Community Service Board. Its serves as the transportation service for various programs that Cobb CSB operates. The main duty of U.T.S is to transport clients to and from programs, appointments, and other places as is necessary. It is also the duty of U.T.S to maintain the various vehicles that are used in the performance of its daily activities. U.T.S is responsible for the scheduling of the trips and making sure that they go off without a problem.

The main goal of U.T.S is the safety of the clients that it serves while transporting them to their schedule activities. This is the main focus of the department. U.T.S accomplishes this by the rules and regulations that it has set into place for the drivers and clients. Vehicle checks are a daily requirement for all the drivers. This is to ensure that the vehicles are safe and ready to transport the clients. Another way that U.T.S strives to provide safe transportation to the clients is the rules regarding the riding in the vehicles. It has in each vehicle posted rules regarding eating, drinking, and smoking in the vans and cars.

Another goal that U.T.S strives to maintain is the education of its drivers. There are various training classes that the drivers must attend regularly. Before a driver can operate a vehicle, he or she must take a defensive driving course. They must also have courses in CPR/First Aid and in CPI. CPI teaches how to deal with physical...
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