Dual Career Path

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Dual career path
What is dual career path? A dual career path system enables employees to remain in a technical career path or move into a management career. Noe pg 485 Objectives of dual career path systems: To attract, retain and develop outstanding technical talent. Dual career path involve the creation of alternate advancement paths for technical and managerial employees. The primary goal of this type of development approach is to enable advancement possibilities for highly skilled technical employees who might otherwise plateau too early within their area of specialty. Honeywell Internationational’s turnover among top technical performers traditionally hovered around 25%. Employees were leaving because they felt they had nowhere to go unless they went into management. But since the company rolled out a dual career system.” They haven’t lost any top talent” said Julian Kaufmann, corporate director for IT human resources. Typically, in dual career path, technical employees who do not wish to move into management are given the opportunity for increased responsibilities in the technical sphere. This is not always the case; however there are examples of dual career paths in which both streams eventually lead to executive positions. Organizations considering implementing dual career paths need to ensure that people in both development streams receive equivalent treatment in terms of progression through the path, salary increases and “respect” from the organization. Otherwise organizations are left with a system in which one path is seen as inherently unattractive and it fails to retain its highly skilled knowledge workers. How is it used to show value to employee?

* It offers great choices to employees. Example- employees do not need to commit to a career path and should feel free to move from path to path as their goals and interests change over their careers. * It makes provides employees exposure to wider range of skills and experience. It provides...
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