Career Development Plan

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Career Development Plan Summary
August 16, 2010

Career development plans are essential within a successful organization. Career plans allows the organization to both actively manage employee career progression, but also empower the organizations employees with active career management assets. Kudler Fine Foods to maintain sustainable growth and additional success must make an investment in the organizations employees to reach the organizations strategic goals, and objectives. The following summary contains justifications and recommendations to Kudler’s upper management in several key areas including; job descriptions and qualifications for five new positions, training programs to introduce and enhance the skills and qualifications of new and current employees, methods for evaluating both employee and team performance, team performance evaluation challenges, incentive and benefit packages, strategies for managing career development, and an appropriate compensation plan.

Career Development
An organization operating in today’s ever changing global and domestic markets understands the importance, and need to invest in the organizations employees to build and sustain future growth for the organization. Kudler Fine Foods has developed a stellar reputation among the organizations client base by implementing and demonstrating an approach to customer service, and daily operating business that is based upon the company’s core values, and strategic vision. The level of success Kudler has achieved has afforded the organization the opportunity to grow, expanding operations into several key markets identified by the organizations leadership. Such success and growth would not be possible without the tremendous help, and support of the organization employees who are essentially the face, and image of the organization being presented to the customer. Kudler’s employees are tasked with executing and achieving the company’s strategic objectives, therefore investing in the organization employees through career development plans allows the organization to maintain a close relationship with employees, and exceed employee satisfaction levels which also leads to higher productivity, efficiency, and reducing turnover.

Career development plans empower employees, and provide recognition and reward to achievements, and accomplishments that previously may have gone unnoticed within the organization. Employees are able to highlight important accomplishments or achievements to Kudler’s leadership, and draw attention to his/her strengths and value to the organization. Career development plans also enable Kudler to effectively address or manage key internal and external factors essential to the organization’s success, and growth including; identifying and forecasting personnel needs, social and demographic trends, the changing nature of the workplace, jobs changes, diversity and the workforce, employee productivity, and changes in technology. The following statement best describes the importance of career development plans to employers, such as Kudler Fine Foods. Employers are motivated to establish career development programs because such programs are seen as an effective response to various personnel problems, because top managers prefer to promote existing employees and to ensure a good fit between the work and the worker, and because employees have expressed interest in career development as a benefit. Above all, most organizations adopt career development programs in response to pragmatic human resource concerns and because they believe it will help ensure a continued supply of qualified, talented personnel (Harrison, 1989) Job Descriptions and Qualifications for Five New Positions

Identifying and accurately describing new job positions and the required qualifications to Kudler’s upper management are essential to the continued development and strength of the company. The following job descriptions represent the...
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