Dtmf Based Water Controller

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Intelligent Water Pump for Farmer

Now days in most of the villages due to ‘Load shading’ there is irregular electricity supply to water pump. In most of the cases the water pumps are 2 to 3 km away from the farm. Due to electricity failure a farmer must to go every time near to pump controller to turn ON/OFF the pump. This problem becomes most serious during night time. Also delay in the process of water pump switching causes wastage of electricity, water as well as time.

Objective: The Intelligent Water Pump plays the vital role to troubleshoot problems with manual switching. It provides instant switching of water pump through GSM mobile network. 

What is Drawback of Manual Switching?
1)The manual switching is beneficial only if the user is always nearer to the hardware switching system and the load. But most of the time user is far away from these switching environment. Also many devices turns off due to instant power cut off. It is not good practice to always go near to switching mechanism to manually turn on the switch which turned off due to such type of power cut action. 2)In order to remove this drawback though auto-starter facility is available, it is necessary to go near to the switching station to turn off the switch. Now a days timer circuits are available, but in most of the cases the operation time of the load is not fixed. So due to use of timer circuit there may be unloaded operation of device if operation of the device is finished before predetermined time. 3)If switching station is far away from the user, then these problems becomes most serious and unnecessarily causes wastage of resources. Along with these problems there is no facility for protection from unauthorized user access to the system switching.   

Why use Intelligent Water Pump?
1)Manual switching is not beneficial in if user is far away from switching station. 2)Timer based switching circuits are beneficial if duration of load operation is fixed. But most of the cases it is not fixed. 3)General remote switching facility provides the efficient solution for these problem. But it is also affected with the parameter range of operation.    Intelligent Water Pump provides the exact solution for these problems. It uses the intelligence of microcontroller along with the powerful peripherals. It uses GSM network which is now a days available in most of the places. It also provides password protection facility to protect the system from unauthorized use. It not on provides the remote switching of the system but also provides the status of system & electricity to the user. The system provides instant access along with uncommon voice interaction facility.

1. GSM network:-
GSM stands for ‘Global System for Mobile Communication’ It provides the network service for communication to both user & controller side mobile phone. 2. User side mobile phone:-
User sends the accessing commands to the Pump control unit using his mobile phone. User’s mobile phone also plays the received voice feedback messages from Pump control system. 3. Controller side mobile phone:-

Controller use this mobile phone to detect presence of call & users commands( in the form of DTMF code) from headset output. Also voice feedback messages are put on the Mic i/p of this mobile. 4. Ring detector:-

When user make the call , at that time the presence of ring on receiver mobile phone is detected by this circuit to inform the controller that user wants to access the system. 5. DTMF decoder:-
When user enters the choice,the decoder IC8870 decodes the choice & equivalent binary no.are available on it’s o/p(Q1 to Q4). Whenever new code comes ,the DTMF decoder will pulse low (STB pin) & informing microcontroller that codes are available please take them.  5. Speech circuit:-

All the voice messages required to inform the user about controlling action are stored in the voice rom(IC APR 9600). As per the trigger and control i/p from...
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