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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Home automation is the residential extension of building automation. It is automation of the home, housework or household activity. It may also include centralized control of lighting, appliances and other systems to prove improved convenience, comfort energy efficiency. Home automation for the elderly and disabled can provide increased quality for life for persons who might otherwise require caregivers or institutional care.

This time of technology innovation people kept themselves updated with the modern appliances and gadgets without sufficient knowledge about the amount of electricity that appliances consume. They just simply purchase it because they want to be in and updated. Another thing is that sometimes the owner forgot to turn off the lights or unplug the appliances which lead to high consumption of electricity. The researchers proposed the appliance controller using android smartphone with Wi-Fi technology because the they wanted to minimize the time cause by manual operation and also for the security purposes. Though people are still using manual operation in switching a device, it is much better if they use a unique type of controller. The researcher proposed something that can help for the home owners. 2

Having this handy smartphone, anyone can switch on and off the electronic devices such as TV, lights, fans, radio, etc. at your home. Project Context
This study will enhance the existing operation of controlling appliances at home. It will provide new way of proper monitoring of appliances at home and offices as well. The proposed study was created using wireless connection that allows electronic devices to exchange data on a wireless connection over a computer network. Smartphone or a mobile phone that offers advance capabilities such as Internet access, location sensing, application market access have the ability to send and receive e-mail...
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